I need to start writing on here more.

I went to go download a new game demo on XBOX Live when my browser told me it couldn’t log on to my account. I couldn’t figure out what was happening because I was just on the internet in my room. Then I realized that I don’t even have the internet we pay for as my primary connection on my laptop.

How sad is that? Our service is so poor that I have my settings set to steal someone else’s because ours can’t be trusted. We are getting ripped off daily, and that, pisses me off.

Mediacom =  The worst service I’ve ever had. Hands down.

I think Kyle would say the same thing. 



38.) The Spirit – 2.5/5
Dir. Frank Miller
>> I am not at all familiar with the source material behind this but I have the feeling it doesn’t really matter. Frank Miller is known for creating some of the most popular graphic novels ever, but he wont be well known for creating a good movie. Too silly to be taken serious and the whole visual appeal is over and done with. Nice try.

39.) Snow Angels – 4/5
Dir. David Gordon Green
>> Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale both give terrific performances in David Gordon Green’s drama. One of the better films of 2008.

40.) All the Real Girls – 4/5
Dir. David Gordon Green
>> Paul Schneider is one of the most underrated actors working in Hollywood today. He gives a great performance and has some beautiful chemistry with Zooey Deschanel. The ending actually left me wanting more, which isn’t a bad thing.

41.) Life as a House – 3.5/5
Dir. Irwin Winkler
>> Life as a House has an ending that works so well at manipulating your emotions, it’s easy to forget some of the God awful character cliches and odd side stories that occurred during the first hour and forty five minutes. Still, Kevin Kline does a nice job and the film means well. I just wish they would have worked harder on coming up with a more original teenager. There is more to teen angst than huffing chemicals while choking yourself, masturbating, and listening to Marilyn Manson.


New As Cities Burn came out today. It’s great. Sad that it’s apparently their final album.

25.) The Brown Bunny4/5 
This movie drove a lot of people insane. I loved it. Gallo delivers his lines in ways most actors couldn’t, or wouldn’t dare. Ending moved me.

26.) I Love You, Man – 4/5
Thought it was funny and Rashida Jones is gorgeous. She’s my fav.

27.) Buffalo ’664/5
Vincent Gallo needs to direct another movie. Thought this was great. We are spanning time, do you understand? Spanning time…

28.) Synecdoche, New York2.5/5
People will find meaning in this and argue it’s a work of art but I’ll bet they can’t deny how frustrating it is 90% of the time. I wanted it to end about an hour into it.

29.) Apt Pupil – 3/5

30.) Marley & Me – 3.5/5
Not going to lie. I cried at the end.

31.) Role Models – 2.5/5
Was looking forward to this but was really disappointed. Not that funny.

32.) Roxanne – 4/5
Steve Martin is great. Has some great visual gags in this one.

33.) Days Of Heaven – 3.5/5
I love Terrence Malick. This one has some beautiful cinematography. 

34.) W. – 2.5/5
Oliver Stone has nothing relevant to say and W. is a perfect example of that. Great cinematography, some decent performances. That’s about it.

35.) Rachel Getting Married – 2.5/5
Felt like I was watching a never ending movie. I can’t understand the praise for this one. 

36.) Bully – 2.5/5
The guy that did KIDS did this one… I think he’s a little too into watching young people have sex. Felt exploitive at times. Brad Renfro gives a good performance. Sad to see him go.
37.) Fast &  Furious –  2.5/5
Mindless entertainment with some decent cinematography, but Paul Walker’s acting is still atrocious.

Netflix Queue
At Home: Days of Heaven (Terrence Malick)


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At Home: Synecdoche, New York – Charlie Kaufman (2008)


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At Home: Buffalo ’66 – Vincent Gallo (1998)